What it takes to achieve success as a freelancer

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[...] some really fantastic consultants—people who not only help us think bigger and with more clarity, but inspire us to get better and better at our craft in consulting with our own clients.

~ Sarah Avenir, CEO &yet

Tonight I was reading an old newsletter from July, by &yet (because I'm subscribed to way too many newsletters), and there, very casually, in the middle of it, I found this gem.

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I’m not sure about the quote, I think I am missing some context.

Being successful as a freelancer is something done i menu different ways tho.

But I think it can be summarized, as being a function of skill and success within the social domain you are working.

Fx, i used to frequent a shared office space that got me a ton of work.

Another setting I used was an online business forum where I had signed up as a freelancer.

Even fiverr could be considered a social setting, where social success is measured in good ratings.


What you describe is how to get commissions as a freelancer, and it's 100% valid. I'm talking about the next step. It's when you don't just do your job, but you add value to your client's business in a way no one else could (or, very few).


What gem? There's not enough context to get much out of this.

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