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What is SEO? Why does it matter?

In this day and age online marketing is becoming the future of advertising, every time you search for a website your query will be sent though to your Search Engine which will use Website Meta Tags and Other Factors to create a response of sites which your Search Engine has found using your Search Query. This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which can lead to your site ranking higher in relevant searches.

Let’s say Mary owned a Fish and Chips shop, her website only had a <title> and <meta name="description" tag, and she was getting 100 visitors a day. She added this to her site Header

<meta name="keyword" 
content="fishandchips, fish, chips">
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and suddenly she saw an massive increase in traffic, this is because the visitors Search Engine will now see theses Keywords Mary added and use them to filter the site as a fish and chip shop.

What most people don’t know is that SEO isn’t just adding Meta Tags, it includes load times, DNS timings, SSL, Domain Age and Google RankBrain, and they are only just some of the factors that we listed. So let’s get into some ways which you can improve your SEO ranking on your website!

1. Use Keywords

To improve your sites SEO ranking you need to add keyword to your site, as you expected keywords acts to link a certain keyword to the site. If you own a hosting site a keyword could be hosting, you can add it into the header like this:

<meta name="keyword" 
content="Hosting, webdev, vps">
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2. Domain Registration

If you register your domain one year this could flag your domain as a throwaway / illegitimate compared to using a domain registered for 7 years.

3. Use a CDN

To improve SEO rankings on your site make sure to serve content using a global CDN instead of using your own server. This can speed up loading times for your site and boost your ranking.

4. Using SSL

Using SSL on your website can improve your search ranking as it marks your site as secure, without it all data between the client and server is unencrypted which is deemed unsafe. On top of affecting SEO, having no SSL can also scare of users as most browsers will show a warning before entering the site.

5. Broken Links

Having broken links on your website can lead to a lower page ranking as Google can class your site as abandoned / unmaintained. This is a must is any site!

6. WhoIs Data

Having Private WhoIs data could suggest your website is untrustworthy, if the owner doesn’t provide any information about them or the business it may make it look like they don’t want people to know who it is. Even if you have nothink to hide make sure to fill in the data so it’s there!

7. Mobile Compatibility

Having a mobile ready site is great for both Rankings and also making the best possible experience for your visitor. You could think about maybe using Bootstrap to enable a more responsive mobile experience and use device screen settings.

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herefer • Edited

It is best if visitors come to your web resource from a search engine. Why do I need to promote my site in search results? In this case, users come to you consciously because they drive the query they are interested in into the search bar in advance.
You just have to make sure that some site page matches this request. In other words, your site needs to be optimized through SEO. In times of rapid development of modern technologies, it would be foolish not to use Highly Ranked Internet Marketing Services.
I can say from my experience that the future is always behind new trends.

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Fulerp • Edited

SEO has a significant role in improving the quality and quantity of website traffic. For a website to reach as many users and potential customers as possible, it is necessary to use meta tags, keywords, mobile compatibility. Of course, when you create a website, you should think about what the user is going to see on it, so you have to consider that it is user-friendly and with an attractive design. It was difficult for me to comply with all these conditions, so I turned to professionals from who created my website at the highest level.