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5 factors to consider before making your next career decision

With booming startups and a crazy hiring market, here are 5 things to consider before making your next career decision.

Market πŸš€

What are the growth opportunities in the space? Is it the next big thing or just a new wave?

Find a domain you're excited about. You'll be investing in them with your time. Choose it wisely!

Learning πŸ’‘

Does this help in growing your skillset? Avoid doing the same work for a longer time. Learn new stuff. Get out of your comfort zone!

Learning is a lifelong process.

Impact βœ…

What is the kind of impact you'll be creating with this new role? Are your contributions significant and impact at scale?

You should be proud and have content about what you work on.

Network 🌐

Most people don't really think of this in their career move. Research about the current employees and teams at that company.

Get in a good network. Grow it! Network effects will kick in later if not now.

Compensation πŸ’Έ

Most people focus too much on this part. It is definitely an important aspect but shouldn't be the deciding factor.

Over a longer period, your growth matters. Great companies invest in your career and reward you highly over a longer period.

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