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Elasticsearch in Action (2e)

Madhusudhan Konda
・2 min read

I am absolutely delighted and humbled to announce my upcoming book Elasticsearch in Action (second edition). It is available for early access at Manning.

In the current digital world, search is the new normal. Elasticsearch is a multi-faceted popular search engine with a ton of advanced features and many bells and whistles. A humongous task was bestowed upon me to create a new In Action book on a complicated technology that is ever-changing at a rapid rate.

Elasticsearch in Action (second edition) is a completely rewritten hands-on guide to developing fully functional search engines with Elasticsearch and Kibana. It's an example driven, straight to the point book that explores Elasticsearch’s high-level architecture and walks through the search and analytics capabilities of numerous Elasticsearch APIs.

In this book you will learn:

  • Installing, configuring and running the Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Working with document operations such as indexing, reading, updating and deleting
  • Understanding the text analysis and mapping schema features
  • Developing a multitude of search queries
  • Enabling search results with sorting and pagination functionality
  • Writing and working with advanced search queries
  • Working with analytics and aggregations
  • Developing high level visualizations in Kibana
  • Configuring and scaling the clusters, and tuning performance

You’ll quickly progress from the basics of installation and configuring clusters, to indexing documents, advanced aggregations, and putting your servers into production. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready to build amazing search engines for your clients that take advantage of Elasticsearch’s modern features.

The code for the book is available at my GitHub repository.

This book is a hand-holder for anyone who's either starting up on the journey of Elasticsearch or learning the ropes. My aim is to provide an easy to understand example-driven page turner. Hope I'll succeed in that.

I am pretty happy to hear your feedback, so please let me know how you find the book so far. I will do my best to shape this book into a must-have book with your help.

It was always my dream to write an "action" book for Manning - and here that dream coming true! Team at @manningbooks are amazing and so grateful for their humongous support and help!

Looking forward to hearing your views and reviews!

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