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Published my first Chrome extension - Github Marker

I have bookmarked various awesome-* repos on Github (ex., Awesome React, Awesome for Begineers, etc). These repositories mainly contain a file which lists all the awesome links to articles, videos, tutorials, etc.

A few days after, I went through some of the links, I was confused if I had read/visited that link earlier. I had to check that link and then I would realize.


Got an idea to make a chrome extension about it.

I made an extension which helps in marking the links. There are 3 options available:

  1. checkbox - It can be used to know if that link was read or not.
  2. heart - Mark the link as favorite.
  3. bookmark - In case, you need to read it later.

Below is the preview of the extension:
Alt Text


Alt Text

It's a simple extension which stores the state in chrome memory

Download it here. Its open-source too, check it here

Hope it's of some use...

Thanks for reading 💙

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