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Becoming a Freaking developer

1. Communication is a big part ๐Ÿ“ข

Think of "programming" and "communicating" as your legs. if you can't communicate well... well you're f**ked

  • Learn soft skills
  • Watch Vinh Giang he teaches communication.

2. For F*** sake don't compare yourself to other

Everyone has their own path, ways of learning, etc. The most important thing is you're making progress.

3. The more you F*** around the more you find out

Explore Things

  • do you just use vscode? Try learning vim, sublime text
  • do you just use react? Try vue, svelte etc
  • do you just do webdev? Try game dev

If you have time to F*** around. do it. you will learn trivial things and this sometimes will change big stuff.

F around graph

4. Learn how things work

  • Do you know how react manipulates the DOM behind the scene?
  • Do you know how pointers work in CPP?
  • Do you know how a programming language code is turned into 1's and 0's for the computer?

  • Question everything! Be Curious!

  • Don't Just use things, learn how they work and try implementing them if they are not so ambitious like creating your own compiler

Be an Engineer, not a Frameworker
-- John Raines

5. Just Do It!

You: Aghh, can i really do this without watching tutorial?
Me: DO IT!.. Don't worry about making mistakes. figure things out along the way!! GOOGLE IS YOUR FRIEND

6. Dunning Kruger Effect

This thing is really common for us dev's goodness just accept it lol. Just search it or someone in the comment explain this stuff, I don't think I'm qualified.

Dunning kruger Graph

Thanks for reading!
I hope you learned some things lol, i don't expect you too and neither i expect some of you to agree on some things. i just tried blogging.

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