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Javascript Tagalog - Function Declaration

Disclaimer: This is a Blog i made with the initial intention of reinforcing my knowledge in JS. I just thought sharing my blogs might be helpful for someone since they are written in tagalog/taglish. Incase of Misinformation I won't be responsible for it and you can comment on the blog to address the mistake or email me. I'm always trying my best to be as accurate as possible. take a look at other resources just to be sure.

Ano ngaba ang Function Declaration sa Javascript?

  • Ang function declaration ay isang paraan ng pag dedefine ng function.
  • Ang mga Function Declaration ay **Hoisted **so pwede mo sila gamitin kahit nasa pinakababa pa sila ng code mo. (unlike function expression)

Function Declaration Javascript Tagalog Filipino Philippines

Unlike Function Expression di sila Hoisted so di mo sila ma-access before sila madefine.

Function Declaration Javascript Tagalog Filipino Philippines

Sa Javascript pwede mong i pass ang mga functions sa variables, pwede karin mag return ng function from a function, pwede moring i pass mga function as an arguments sa mga functions at iba pa.
In short tinatrato ng Javascript ang mga Functions as Variables lang
That's another topic nalang, kasi medyo advance pero eto mga documentation kung curious kayo
MDN Documentation - First Class Functions

baka oversimplified,inacurrate information nasulat ko so here's a better in depth documentation (english)
MDN Documentation - Function Declaration

More tagalog Javascript Learning Resources:

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