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My Experience on Fiverr

Hey! It's Mike. Welcome to my new article. I posted an article about Fiverr on Medium. This is a retake, I want to tell you about my experience on it, what I love and what I hate.

Table of contents

My freelancing experience

I'm a freelancer since 2020. I make websites using CMS, website builders, and sometimes I develop websites from scratch. I have a full-time job and create websites from scratch on freelance is really hard for me at this moment, that's why I take orders on CMS like WordPress, Shopify. Sometimes people want a website on website builder like Webflow, Squarespace, Tilda, and I take it. I had a lot of questions when just started my freelancing journey like how to create a competitive profile, or another one, how to create a gig customers will buy.

Why I chose Fiverr?

Today Fiverr is one of the largest freelance website. Fiverr offers a lot of jobs for people who try to find a project or post one. And I need to take small projects to complete them in 1-5 days. I spend 1-3 hours every day on a project, it's pretty comfortable for me. Fiverr it's like a side hustle for me. It's only 10% of my income. I think I can do more money on it. I'll tell you how it goes in the next articles.

Fiverr Data sectionFiverr Data section

All you need is to take your niche. There are a lot of jobs you can pick. If you don't know what you like, take all and try. Be attention, you can create only 7 gigs when your level is a new seller.

Fiverr Lifestyle section Fiverr Lifestyle section

Are you creating games? You’ll find your customers.
Are you creating websites? Okay, fine.
Maybe are you just playing games? Awesome! You can coach someone or play together for $5 or more.

What do you think about it? I think it's awesome!

I told my friend to create a profile on Fiverr

I told my friend to create a profile on Fiverr to make music. He's a beatmaker and I love his beats so much. It was 1 year ago, he said like his music is a piece of shit and nobody will like it. I told him like he's not right. And couple days ago he texted me and said like can you help me, I want to create Fiverr profile and sell my beats after a full-time job. I was shocked and happy. It's all about your wish and DO NOT think that people will hate your product. You need to try to say that. By the way there are people who hate Apple (yes I know Apple and beatmaking it's a little bit different but still).

The highest-paying side hustles on Fiverr

The most paying jobs on Fiverr right now are online assistant, website design, CV, Cover Letter and Resume Writing, etc. You can read more here.

What are you waiting for?

If you are interested, sign up on Fiverr and get 10% off your first purchase (it's referral link, I will appreciate if you will sign up using my link).

Pros of $5 services

Another pros of Fiverr is that all services started from $5. When Fiverr just started, all services cost $5, it was their Terms of Service.

For example, you offer a logo. For $5 you create one logo sketch. For $15 you create several sketches. And for $30 logo colors variations + source file. Time going, this Terms of Service go on the background and many new sellers don’t know about it, just put $30 for one logo sketch. Of course, if you are a professional and have many customers it’s pretty reasonable.

Cons of $5 services

On the other hand, $5 services have cons. You should compete with more experienced freelancers. It sucks when you just started. BUT you don’t understand this freelancer put $5 because he is a new seller or just a professional who has original Terms of Service. It’s hard to understand who is a new seller and who is a professional. However, it’ll be a plus for someone.

Tips for new sellers

What about new sellers? If you just started your way on Fiverr, put low cost and offer more than other freelancers. It’ll help you to find your first customer. However, it will takes time to get you first customer. I put $5 on all my gigs and still don’t have a customer. I have projects in my portfolio, catch eye cover image, video about each gig but still. All you need is to be patient. Don’ think about money when you just start you way. Your money is customers because they bring it to you. Your focus will be on how to get a customer, not how to get money. It’s the same thing as well but sounds different. You can check my profile.

After all, when you sign up, the first step will be to look at other freelancers. What do they offer for this price? Attach a photo of your smiling face. Write a seller description. Create gigs, more is better. gig — your offer for a customer.

fiverr gig

When you creating gigs, use a correct cover image, write a description, attach some portfolio examples of this service, choose a price.

On your first steps, it seems complex. But don’t give up. There are a lot of people out there. Just take your time. Upgrade your expertise every day and you’ll do it! If you understand what you do and what it gives you, success will come. Just wait.

Analyze your profile

Analyze your profile several times in a month. What gigs have the most impressions? What gigs have the most clicks? If people clicking, why don’t make an order? Maybe you should rewrite your gig’s description, decrease or raise the price. Yes, sometimes low prices make an effect on a potential customer. Change the cover image, maybe it doesn’t hook. Change your portfolio, perhaps you created better works for it.

If you read this post from start to finish I’m so happy. Let me know in the comments or message me on social media I’ll say thanks.

Take your time

Just wait, time is your best friend.

Give a value

You can sell a piece of crap and people will buy it, but how many times you will sell before taking a lot of bad reviews? It's a question.

Provide a value. Your first customer is so much important when you start your business, yes I think freelance is a business. You need to be so much pleasure with your customers and it will give you a nice back shot. People will recommend you, Fiverr will recommend you, all will recommend you. It's a nice feeling when a customer accept the revision and left a 5 star review.

Ask your friends to help you

You have a friends right? Ask them to help you. Give them $5 and they will create an order for you. After that they will left a 5 star review and you're all in.

First orders / first money

I had my first review. It was a customer from Canada. After the first order the customer repeated the business. It was a good customer and I'm so happy I worked with him.
I got first review on Fiverr
You can check more on my Instagram.

Take orders you can deliver in time

A lot of people will text you and ask something you can't do or don't know how to do. If you think that a customer wants a task you can't do, tell that. Because people are do not understand how it works and it's okay.


Fiverr is a nice freelance website. It's free to starting, all you need is a wish. For my opinion everyone can create a profile on Fiverr and start freelancing, it's super fun (exclude when you got a lot of orders, it's a hell lol).

Thank you for your attention. I appreciate that. Stay safe!

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Martin Muller

What are you suggesting to fake / orders reviews :-/ ? Other than that nice post!

moek profile image
Michael Myers

Thanks Martin! What do you mean about fake orders reviews? I'm telling about ask your friends to create an order to help you. It's not fake or something. Maybe your friends really need what you provide in your gigs.