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Great MongoDB Resources for Python Developers

If you're new to MongoDB, or new to Python, it may seem overwhelming just how many resources are available to look at. Here are some of the most loved resources, tools, or tutorials that are guaranteed to get you started quickly with using MongoDB and Python.

Eve - the Python Rest API to use with MongoDB

Eve is an open source Python REST API framework powered by Flask and Cerberus. Eve offers native support for using MongoDB with python and has an easy quickstart here.

A FastAPI and MongoDB example project

If you don't want a wordy read through but really just need to look at some code, check out this github project. This is a simple CRUD application built using the MongoDB Python driver (PyMongo) and FastAPI. You can also follow the step-by-step tutorial for building this application.

pymongoarrow - a library to import/export data between MongoDB and Pandas dataframe, numpy array, parquet file, csv

pymongoarrow takes less than 15 minutes to install, understand, and use. Way better than sifting through 4 years of stack overflow posts and trying to find a correct example of how to do this.

Tech with Tim MongoDB Python Video Tutorials

This short series on youtube builds a full MongoDB Python application - video 1 is about beginner level CRUD. The second video features Schema Validation, Bulk Inserts, Data Modeling, and Advanced Queries, and the third video demonstrates full text search of MongoDB data.

The MongoDB Developer Center

Last but not least, we have our MongoDB developer center, where we feature the Python programming language and have news, tutorials, articles of interest, etc.

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