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5 YouTube channel to follow as a developer

1. Traversy Media

If you are pretty new to the world of programming or development, this is the place you should start from. Brad Traversy has pretty good and organized videos on his channel for all kind programming. Most of the time web development related videos are uploaded. But also informational videos you can find. His teaching is really awesome. Any difficult topics he teach with a very simple discussion.

If you wanna be a great web developer you must have to follow him. If you need to just get started with some new topic , I highly recommend to check this playlist from the channel.

2. The Net Ninja

This is channel where you can learn modern and up to date technologies in a simple way. This channel forms small videos into a series with awesome discussion in each video. If you wanna stay up to date to your industry you must follow this channel.


If you need dive deeper into technologies you must follow this channel. This channel has over 3 millions subscriber for it's organized and long times video courses. This channel does not serve tutorials from a specific instructor instead it takes videos or courses from other instructor on youtube and organize in an awesome way. It has all kinds of programming tutorials including game development, machine learning and more.

4. Programming with Mosh

If you want very organized tutorial this channel is for you. This channel gives paid like video tutorial. Awesome teaching style with very nice video quality. You can learn a lot of things in one video like reactJS, dotnet, pythong, javascript and more.

If you like decent and organized video tutorial you must follow this channel.

5. Web Dev Simplified

This channel is specifically for web developer. Learn to start you dream project sooner. Yes, this is the channel where you can learn very hard thing in a simple way. This channel has a lot of small and awesome tutorial on web development.

Okay , all done.....
Below is a list of my all favorite youtube channel:
the new boston, Tech With Tim, Adrian Twarog, codeSTACKr, Dev Ed, DesignCourse, Fireship, James Q Quick, Academind,Chris Hawkes,The Coding Train,LevelUpTuts,ForrestKnight ,Coder Coder,Coding Addict,Caleb Curry, Derek Banas , sentdex , CodingPhase

Note: I am pretty new in the industry. So , please suggest for any wrong information.

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