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I had to look this up. I'm out of touch with the kids these days.

I don't really see how it'd work. You can't stop people installing an app, can you? How would that even work? Pulling it from the store won't slow people down. If they try it it'll backfire. It'll be like the Streisand effect.


I presume there are measures for enforcing sanctions that Apple and Google etc. have to follow.

Unless the USA were to implement China-esque Internet restrictions (which I assume is not on the table, and would be tremendously ironic) you wouldn't restrict TikTok's website— but TikTok is mostly just a native mobile app.


In India you can download TikTok from 3rd party resources but can't access it on
Indian Service provider, and if you wish to Try out VPN and this is what Lead TikTok and China Down.

Ofcourse everyone will not work hard to use application with VPN..


Then I guess what would happen is that a US version would appear to fill the vacuum. If it was made as a clone now it wouldn't gain traction against TikTok but if TikTok was banned, maybe it would.

You mean like Instagram’s new ‘reel’ feature that just got released 4 days ago?? 🤔


I'd have to disagree on that last part. People can install apps, even if they remove it from the play store or app store. Just like you movie publishers can't so piracy of their movies. Piracy exists on the dark web and centralized web. I am certain you can find APK mirrors of Tik Took online. Same with the IPA files. Such is the beauty of the internet or as Snowden calls it in his book "Permanent Record. "

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