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Ben Sinclair
Ben Sinclair

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What's your favourite CMS?

I have a question!

What's your favourite CMS either from the point of view of a developer, or that of a content editor? How about your least favourite?

Yes I am repeating the word "favourite" quite a lot. Mostly because I know the spelling will make a portion of the people who read this start to twitch.

Personally, I like the content-editing experience of Wordpress > 4.0, but I don't rate it as a good CMS because of its PHP-led design and the fact it's all a bit tacked-on because didn't start out as a CMS.

I'm more of a data person usually and if the world was like me we'd all be using markdown in a long list of fieldsets and an ORM.

So go on, what do you think is particularly good or bad?

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Jesse Menn

Developer-wise, I'm really enjoying Wagtail. I've been using it for a few small-ish projects, and from a user standpoint, it's also quite lovely. That said, I don't know what it'll be like if/when the content and content team gets larger.

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Simon Köhler

You might think it's because I work with it. But of course TYPO3 is my favorite CMS because it is so incredibly flexible and scalable. Especially for multilingual websites with a lot of content. Also security plays a big theme, where e.g. WordPress doesn't quite shine, but TYPO3 very much. The latest version 11.1 now even has 2-factor authentication integrated.

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Mark Catalano

My "favourite" CMS is TakeShape. It's a general purpose headless GraphQL CMS and static site generator. I'm a little biased because I'm one of the Co-founders of TakeShape. But we've worked hard to try to strike a balance between developer UX and content producer UX to build something that helps everyone be more creative.

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Jason Woods

I really like the Umbraco CMS. It starts off as more of a blank slate that you get to shape the way you want it to work. Unlike Wordpress that you have to force into the awkward shape to get structured data.

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Jamshid Tursunboyev • Edited

Wordpress +
Joomla ----

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Brian Kephart

I like Camaleon. It's a Wordpress-style CMS for Rails.