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I have been involved with many programming language communities over the years, but of the finest I have ever been involved with is the Ruby community. They are helpful and offer so much up to the community as a whole. ""Matz is nice so we are nice." is what it is all about.


I went to my first major Ruby event, this year's Railsconf, and I was very pleased by the community spirit.


That's so awesome Ben. Perfect example of what I am talking about. :-)


The PHP community is all over the place, we tend to argue over code formatting and tabs vs spaces more than we do anything else.


It's difficult to say. I've been able to find the answer for every question I've ever thought of, but a lot of it comes wrapped up a level of elitism. This is Oracle SQL and the APEX Community.


Arrogance and elitism are the worst thing that can happen to any community.

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