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Miroslav Nikolov
Miroslav Nikolov

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What Is Your Aha Moment With React

My early days with React were... difficult.

Things didn't go straight. So many bumps and new concepts. It was slow to grasp Redux, rendering and class components.

Partly because I was so used to OOP in JavaScript, partly due to the new component UI patterns, I have to admit the whole journey was full of surprises and not easy.

Hooks didn't make things easier, either.

πŸ™€ What is your latest React Aha moment?

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Ivan Jeremic

I had many it was basically my first language even before JS. I was never able to learn coding but thanks to react I was able to learn it the missing part for me was always to make my logic do something instantly on the screen and thanks to JSX this was super easy.

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Miroslav Nikolov

Interesting. Is the application too small perhaps?

I learnt React together with Redux and the latter was not an easy going one.

It also seems the general consensus is to lift logic from your components and move it to Redux where it’s easy to test.

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Truong Hoang Dung

I have no AHA moment with React, because everything should just works that ways.
The AHA moment is when i tried something cool like react-query to watch it invalidate caches, refetching :)

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