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Best (Mini-Projects) for Beginners with Java or other languages

Hey Guys, These are some projects I made, and some are under constructions with Java, I found it useful for improving your java programming skills, Enjoy...

Beginners projects (java core):
1- Math App that add numbers with GUI
2- Digital Clock
3- word count
4- Calculator (terminal or GUI)
5- BMI Calculator

1- Keyboard and mouse Operations
2- sending email to multiple recipients
3- playlist of audio files with java
4- Cpu and Memory system spec. Check
5- create and merge multiple PowerPoints

I believe those are enough. I know too many are easy but they will give you a better understanding of programming :) BTW, it's better to save this message to come for it later

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Benjamin Thorpe

Thanks for the list, I did a few of them when I started. but now I switching fully to web.