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[UniswapV2] SwapRouter by @Dialectic



Simple router to exchange tokens for best price for any UniswapV2 like AMM. This contract can only be used for exchanges that uses the code of Uniswapv2 .



Returns SwapRouter.swap function.

swap in SwapRouter library


  • swaps is the candidates of exchanges that we can choose.
  • path is the array of token address which we will use for swap.
  • amount is the amount of token we want to sell.
  • slippage is the max slippage in basis points.

  1. Find the best profitable exchange and the corresponding amountOut for given amount by using dataForBestExchange function.

    (UniswapV2 swap, uint256 amountOut) = dataForBestExchange(swaps, path, amount);
  2. Approve swap (exchange we choose) to use path[0] (input token for swap) for amount .

    ERC20(path[0]).approve(address(swap), amount);
  3. Swap the token using swapExactTokensForTokens function from the exchange address. out is the real amount of output token we receive.

    uint256[] memory amountsOut = swap.swapExactTokensForTokens(
        (amountOut * (1000 - slippage)) / 1000,
        block.timestamp + 180
    uint256 out = amountsOut[amountsOut.length - 1];


Returns the best exchange and the corresponding output value.

For given swap, we calculate the biggest out value by using amountOutFor function.

for (uint256 i = 0; i < length; i++) {
            uint256 out = amountOutFor(swaps[i], path, amount);
            if (out > bestAmount) {
                bestExchange = swaps[i];
                bestAmount = out;
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Use getAmountsOut function to calculate the optimal output value from given amountIn and path.

try exchange.getAmountsOut(amountIn, path) returns (uint256[] memory amountsOut) {
    return amountsOut[amountsOut.length - 1];
} catch {
    return 0;
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