Have you ever learned something (or a better way of doing something) in software development that a non-developer taught you?

Maybe this person had some developer experience but it wasn't their full-time job like you. They're less knowledgeable overall.

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I thought I wrote a script for everything...until I met this top-knotch QA guy who hated doing anything twice.

We ended up setting up a git repo to share our scripts, pretty soon all the devs and QAs were pulling from it.

We did have to stop when people wanted to start filing bugs against this scrappy-script repo!

I'll say it a thousand times: good QA is worth their weight in gold.

The most important thing I learned is to treat everybody in a software development company as a software developer. Give everybody a vested interest in producing a quality product. Ensure everybody knows how their work contributes to the final outcome and how they get issues resolved. Acknowledge that programmers aren't the only developers, but all of graphic design, product management, QA, admins, testers, sales, etc. are part of a successful software development process.

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