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Any good Frontend Frameworks

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My team is in the midst of wrapping up a port from the AngularJS framework to AngularDart.

We started out with AngularJS because we inherited it from the people who worked on the project before and we were all familiar with Angular's data model already.

AngularDart shares the same concepts as AngularJS, it's just implemented using a different language.

Angular has a lot of cool concepts like these:

  • Data binding
  • Template & Modular component development for UI
  • Dependency Injection
  • Able to update one component UI without refreshing the rest of the UI displayed.

It's easy to see how popular it is since Angular has implemented in TypeScript and Dart since Angular JS started to get replaced by new version re-wrote the architecture of the framework.

I would recommend it for small to enterprise software solutions.

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I think it's worth exploring for oneself and then make a decision based on tradeoffs, likes and dislikes and opportunity

Check this out

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Badr Bn

You can find here a good one : :D

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Omg I was waiting for a resource like this
Thanks Alot

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Renan Lourençoni Nobile

I've been an Angular dev for over an year now, it's a good framework for web apps and not so good for hybrid (mobile) applications, it's similar to ASP.NET MVC structure and that's what made it easier for me to learn.

Despite that, I've been learning react and hope to change position to a react/native dev. React is faster and forces you to learn JavaScript, not just some framework.

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Sammy Israwi

I stand by React these days. It feels natural for me once you get over the "hump" that is learning it the first time.