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Definitely! It can be part of an overall strategy to present yourself in the best light. For me it is always a good sign.


I think its really on a case-by-case basis, especially from a previous #discuss question I posed earlier last week. From my experience, my Github has only been brought up in an interview (actually once yesterday, oddly enough). I love my side projects and think they're such a fun way to learn new things, but its not mandatory and while there are likely plenty of cases where people did get jobs/internships via their Github, I now feel a better use of time (to gain employment) is less in creating side projects and perhaps working on your interviewing skills and getting to know others in your local dev community.

One side note I'd like to add is that I really love the refreshing wave of posts recently on not needing to do 10000x things in addition to your regular gig, and favoring off-screen time just as much as time on-screen...It's a welcome change. 😊


It is possible, but not guaranteed or necessary. I've had two internships, and neither employer looked at my GitHub.

There are plenty of stories of people out there like HornyΓ‘k Bence who have been contacted thanks to their work on GitHub, but do not feel like you need to have a side project in order to get a job or internship.

Side projects just help show the employer that you are passionate about development and what your skills are. You can display the same enthusiasm in your interview or through other activities like being involved with a local school teaching students how to code.


I currently teach coding at my college


Yes! Upload to github and they will see what you can do! Actually yesterday I got an email stated that they found me via github and they want to work with me. I am pretty excited how things will go.

Best of luck!

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