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I think it depends on what you're the most comfortable with. I personally prefer mechanical keyboards because of the switches, the pressure needed on one key reduce misstyping; on other keyboards (mostly flat ones) I use to press several key wanting to press enough only one.

But here again it depends if prefer mechanical or, idk, iOS keyboard, it's up to you!


I mean its true for the laptop keyboards.
The keys are too flat especially mac book


I'm currently using a mechanical keyboard because I got fedup with bugs in my MacBook keyboard (the latest gen MacBook Pro keyboard is πŸ’© in terms of reliability)

Juries still out on the mech keyboard for me but I think I'm getting to like it.


Omg that's so true it's really hard to program on Macbook that why I switched to Dell XPS 13 and keyboard is really great compared to MacBook


Not sure if they actually help but after 3 yrs of use I have a hard time typing on anything else.

I've had a few keyboards now (Cherry MX Browns are my favorite switch)

  • CODE Keyboard (One w/ Clear and the other with Brown). I somehow fried one of these twice with the static in my office.
  • Current: Corsair K95 w/ Brown switches.

I like them, but I understand why people prefer laptop keyboards; less travel time, etc.

I have a Logitech Orion Spark G910.


I Just bought a mechanical keyboard and it feels great

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