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macOS. It's BSD Unix under the covers so you can use all the typical Unix/Linux tools (I make extensive use of Node.js, NPM, Yarn, Ansible, etc.) but you've got the tools that Linux users can't have unless they're willing to run virtual machines or Wine (for example, Photoshop and Sketch).


True sometimes it’s hard but we have gimp


Linux is my preferred option. It's a developer friendly platform that lends itself well to automated builds, automated packaging, automated everything as well as lots of configuration and customization for me as a user.

It's the only one that gives me the control I need to do any type of testing and experimenting. It has a good selection of tools to do all of this as well. It's an innate part of the system, not an add-on.

I use Mac and Windows for dev only when required, such as developing products for Mac,Windows, or iPhone.


C++,python and node to build web apps

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