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Why you should learn Git

Normally when you google for things like:

Tips on how to be a better programmer

You're gonna see Teamwork. This is where Git comes in.

What is Git?

  • Imagine you are coloring on a flower coloring book. You colored in green for all leaves and now it’s time for the best part, coloring the petal. You know you enjoy red the best but it looked horrible after you finished it. With Git, you can revert your choice of red in a heartbeat and you are free to reapply the red if you change your mind. A work doesn’t have to be permanent; every action is recorded and reversible. Source

  • Git is a Version Control System (VCS). On a very basic level, there are two awesome things a VCS allows you to do: You can track changes in your files, and it simplifies working on files and projects with multiple people.

Now lets' focus on the main question.

Why should I learn Git?

1. Git is simple and easy to learn

I think it takes about fifteen to thirty minutes to learn Git. You could look for tutorials on YouTube. You could watch this fifteen minutes video and also download this cheatsheet. Those are two very useful resources.

2. Version control

With git whenever you get issues or bugs or you just don't know what you're doing anymore πŸ˜… (happens to a lot of us), you could revert back to like three-months-ago and reassess your strategy. Git will remember every change.

3. Teamwork

Git simplifies the process of working with teams. Team members can work on files and merge them with the master branch. It allows multiple people to work on the same file at the same time.

4. You would not forget what you wrote

With Git you could abandon a project for like four months (which you shouldn't) and later come back to it and you wouldn't be asking questions like:

Who wrote this ?!

because you read through commits to help you remember what each change in the file was for.

Also, I realized that a lot of Code Newbies say thing's like they'll look into Git later in their coding career. That's the wrong way of thinking. If you've already learned to code just know that it's never too late to learn Git but I actually feel like you should learn Git before you start coding. Just know that Git is not only for programmers.

If this article has convinced you to learn Git, click here to learn it. Your Welcome

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