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Starting my journey!

Hello Devs!

I have recently landed a job as IT-consultant for a company in Norway. They will teach me how to code in Java. This course is 12 weeks long and is a full time course, it is intensive and demands my full focus for these weeks.

My question is a two parts question - where the first part is, do you, as a experienced developer believe that 12 weeks are enough to learn a language sufficient to be proficient in the developer field?

Second part of the question is; Do you have any tips to retain most information coming withing these 12 weeks, any websites or apps, or just tips in general to "log" my learning?

Al tips and answers are greatly appreciated.

Thank you for reading!

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Andrew (he/him)

Write things down! That's my best advice for remembering things. Coding examples and taking typed notes is fine, but there's something about putting pen to paper that makes things stick for a lot of people.

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Thanks for the advice Andrew! Will follow it!

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