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Meet Godhani
Meet Godhani

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Raven Reader RSS Reader app

Hey devs,

I worked on simple desktop RSS Reader made for the desktop. It's a simple reader with minimalistic UI and no extra distraction like social media sharing or recommendation engine. Simply subscribe to favorite feeds you love to read and stay up to date directly on your desktop. No user account needed. It also supports offline reading, that is you can save articles for offline if there is no internet connectivity.

Github Repo

GitHub logo hello-efficiency-inc / raven-reader

📖 All your articles in one place. Beautiful.

raven reader logo

All your articles in one place. Beautiful.


To download, please visit

Install via Homebrew (macOS)

To use Homebrew-Cask you just need to have Homebrew installed.

brew cask install raven-reader



  • Full Article Read
  • Subscribing to news feed
  • Marking as read/unread
  • Marking as favourite
  • Dark mode
  • Configurable cron job for refresh interval of feeds
  • Minimize app to tray and run in background
  • Open article link in external browser
  • Responsive
  • Exporting feed in OPML format
  • Importing feeds
  • Windows support
  • Linux support
  • Offline reading
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Sidebar count
  • Text size configuration
  • Text font style configuration (Currently has Playfair Display, Muli, Open Sans and Roboto Slab)
  • Supports categorizing of the feeds.
  • macOS touchbar shortcuts
  • Integration with read it later apps: Pocket, Instapaper
  • Podcast support. Subscribe to podcast rss feed and listen within app.

Please feel free to suggest more ideas to improve this app.

Developer Notes

Build Setup

# copy config.example.js

Tech Stack

  • Vuejs
  • ElectronJS
  • NeDB (Local file-based database)
  • Bootstrap
  • Mercury Parser API (Full article reading)

Platform supported

  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Linux

Let me know with any feedback !

Top comments (2)

thegeoffstevens profile image
Geoff Stevens

Nice work. I just downloaded and started playing around with it. The icon looks amazing. Are there any feeds you're a fan of that you'd recommend?

mrgodhani profile image
Meet Godhani • Edited

Hey Geoff, thanks!
My career all started with startup companies. So I mostly like to follow tech news. Some of the favorite ones I mostly follow is Codrops love their weekly collections. Then I like food too so sometimes I follow food feeds like Munchies and rest are either Wired, TechCrunch, Verge or political news like Vox.

There are more features yet to come in upcoming releases that are syncing with other apps like inoreader, Tiny Tiny RSS etc. So stayed tuned.

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