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Mariana Castilho
Mariana Castilho

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Must-know Javascript concepts and functionalities

Hi folks!

I'm learning javascript (currently for front-end but really soon I'll start learning Node too) and this is honestly a whole new world to me. The more I learn the more I realize there's still a lot of stuff to be learned and this is both exciting and overwhelming to me.

I was wondering if there is a set of functionalities and concepts that a junior javascript developer must absolutely know to build a solid foundation. My idea is to starting from this foundations rather than trying to learn everything at the same time.

Thanks! :)

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Andrei Gatej

Hi! I will just share my little story.

I started learning the fundamentals of js, literally going through every lesson from w3schools.
Then, when something seemed less obvious, I’d grab my editor, and, without copy-pasting, I’d write the code and try to understand it. Then I started following tutorials and building small projects.

I could simply enumerate some concepts, but this wouldn’t help you at all. It would be just overwhelming.

What I’d do if I were you is to go through a documentation(mdn, w3schools) and your main objective here is to grab the concept(why is this useful? Where I’d use that?).

Then, it’s time to build some projects!

I’d go on YouTube and just find one that looks interesting. While following the tutorial you should see some concepts applied there as well. After you identify them, try to create your own example with that concept.
This worked for me pretty well I’d say.

I hope this was useful in some fashion. Good luck!

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Mariana Castilho

Very helpful advices! I tend to deep dive into concepts and forget to take some time to put them in practice with small projects. I'll look for a project on YouTube so I can practice :)