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4 FREE Tutorials YOU need to become a JAVASCRIPT frameworks CHAMPION !!!

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JavaScript is one of the most loved-by-programmers languages. It's used in building beautiful and interactive user interfaces. After the advent of new age of modern frameworks, it popularity has touched the skies. Now, it's de-facto language of anyone working with web technologies.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 4 completely FREE tutorials covering 4 of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. These tutorials take you from beginner level to advanced concepts with in a couple of hours.

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I ) ReactJS :

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ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript library in the market and developers with experience in ReactJS are high in-demand. ReactJS follows Component Based Architecture (CBA), has easy syntax and performance wise is considered better. It's itself a library but if you combine other libraries, then ReactJS can serve as a full-fledged framework.

Title : Learn ReactJS - Full Course for Beginners :

Source : FreeCodeCamp

II ) Angular :


Backed by Google, Angular is second most popular JavaScript framework. It started as AngularJS, which followed MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. Later, it was rewritten and CBA was adopted by Engineers at Google in it's rewrite. Angular is a full-fledged framework. It means that all modules needed to build a frontend application are present in it. It includes routing, state management, middleware etc.

Title : Learn Angular - Full Tutorial Course :

Source : FreeCodeCamp

III ) VueJS :


VueJS is the third most famous JavaScript framework. If you work on it, you will realize that it derives features from both ReactJS and Angular. It uses directives, CBA and lifecycle.

Title : Learn VueJS - Full Course for Beginners :

Source : FreeCodeCamp

IV ) Svelte :


Selte is the new player in. It strips the clutter out and may be good point for newbies starting in front-end. It doesn't have any complex Virtual DOM Processes, no complex state management. Everything is in JavaScript. Recently, it has started to get attention of developer community and familiraizing yourself with it may help you in better understanding of how frameworks work and may give you a headstart in frontend development.

Title : Svelte Tutorial - Is it better than React ?

Source : FreeCodeCamp

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Is the length of the tutorial meaningful? I mean, 5, 6, 3, 1 hours seems a reflection of apparent complexity?


Yeah. We can say that. Also it depends on the complexity of framework discussed. Like Svelte relatively takes less time because it's easier.


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