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Mukund Raghav Sharma (Moko)
Mukund Raghav Sharma (Moko)

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Finished 90 Days of Meditation

Just finished 90 days of following 2 x 20 minutes / day - first time been this consistent with it and I feel nothing short of great! Used the Seinfeld Strategy and 4 Disciples of Execution.

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The specific type of meditation I follow is Transcendental Meditation, however, advocate for any type of stillness you can bring into your life.

Observed Benefits

  1. Clarity of Thought
  2. Much more energy during the day.
  3. Better at handling impulses.
  4. Easier to get into flow.
  5. More receptive to situations.
  6. Life becomes easier and repetitious activities no longer seem as mundane as before.

The tracker I used can be found here.

Will gladly answer any questions and help others as this technique has unequivocally changed my life.

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