To do or not to do, whats more good of a practice.

msamgan profile image Mohd Samgan Khan ・1 min read

Considering a hypothetical situation, in which a user makes a request to admin for a change in his profile which only admin can edit.

After processing the request, in either case, acceptance as well as denial. what's more good of a practice. To keep it in DB with a status tag, that says whats happened to the request. Or informing the user about is through mail or something and delete the request.

exp. developers of the community please share your wisdom to this young apprentice.


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You could use an auditing package to keep track of changes against specific models rather than storing it on the model itself. I quite like using Spatie Activity Log for this. You could then send a notification with the details of the change if you wanted.


thanks, CS
seems like an intresting idea.


means retain the request as well as add the response of that request to DB also.