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If you want to start writing, write articles.

Register on, here, WIX, etc. just don't waste any time on technical details, themes etc. before you haven't established the habit of regularly writing and publishing.

Or else you'll spend days on setup and yak-shaving, while not knowing if it's a thing you really want to do.

Once you have your first 20, 50, 100 articles and readers, you'll have enough content to help you shape the workflow and design of your custom tailored site.


I have a blog currently. codebysamgan. but I am still in the confusion that should I switch to custom or continue on this only.


There is very little point in switching to something custom if you've already got a blog up and running in wordpress. If you need customization you can use plugins and/or modify the template code directly.

FWIW, I'm an application architect by trade and still use Wordpress for my blog. There is a significant learning curve vs. other platforms (especially now with Gutenberg!!!!) but the ability for me to code my own template in PHP from scratch while still keeping all of the admin and plugin goodies makes it a perfect platform for my writing.


If one just starts writing today, then concentrate on writing. For this, I highly recommend . It's just for writing without any distracting feature. It uses markdown - the universal format of our community.

Later when one already has a bunch of contents, he can consider publishing them. There're many options to publish markdown:

  • ghost - the famous one.
  • static page generators - hosted on GitHub Pages, GitLab Pages, Netlify.
  • Hashnode's devblog - it's new but look promising.

thanks for your input. I also saw the hasnode's devblog. It's good.


Depends on your needs. Do you need a super intuitive interface with lots of readily-available themes/modules? Or are you well-established and looking for a more bespoke solution?

Your own blog took a while to load for me. So you may want to consider a static blog generator like Gatsby if you can't afford better hosting.

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