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Mentorship: A Safety Net

As part of my web development program, I’ve been paired with a fantastic mentor (shout out, Jeremy!). We’ve completed only one session; yet, I want to share on how his mentoring is already influencing my learning process.

(1) I feel more secure: Before Jeremy, I had access to course instructors and other students, but there’s something so comforting about having my “own person” to whom I can reveal just how confused I am about what I’m learning.

(2) I am more efficient: Being able to glean from Jeremy’s expertise means I’m not pressured to research every single obscure concept I encounter to death. I read just enough not to be totally ignorant, make a note on what to ask Jeremy, then forge ahead with my learning.

(3) I am more disciplined: I’m loathe to be that mentee who is a royal waste of time and energy. My weekly meeting with Jeremy motivates me to work hard and possibly impress him (well, as much as a Ruby novice can impress a 10-year veteran anyways!). I want to keep proving to Jeremy that I am a worthy investment of his time and efforts.

When I think about the bulk of my professional life before this, mentorship has been largely absent. I wonder how much more accomplished I’d be today had I been proactive about finding and maintaining mentoring relationships. But no use crying over the proverbial spilt milk; I now see how indispensable mentorship is in building a successful career, and I intend to firmly incorporate it moving forward.

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Elizabeth Jenerson

Totally agree w/ number 1.

Seems like your mentor knows the same language(s) you know. Awesome.
I'd encourage others to get a mentor who may not even know the same language but a solid veteran. If your gap is OOP, get someone w/ that for example.

My mentor is just as I described - a Java / JavaScript guru who works in cyber security. I get all kind of gems from him, w/ number 1 being the biggest (in this scenario)

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Jakob Attkinson

Is this mentorship something you pay for is it something as part of the company's (that you work for) policy to partner new employees with seniors?