Build a GitHub Action with Ruby

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Want to build a GitHub Action with everyones favorite language?

Here's a quick start for building one with Ruby. ✨

mscoutermarsh / ruby-action-recipe

Quick start recipe for building an Action with Ruby and the GitHub API.

GitHub Action: Ruby Recipe

Use this to kickstart building an Action with Ruby.


  1. In your Repository, create a new folder for your Action under .github/.
mkdir .github/my_ruby_action
cd .github/my_ruby_action
  1. Next, copy Dockerfile, and action.rb from this repository into your new folder.

Here are some easy commands to download them.

curl > action.rb
curl > Dockerfile
curl >
  1. Commit and push up your changes.

Running your new Action

  1. Visit the Actions tab for your repository.

Setup your workflow to trigger whenever an Issue receives a comment.

Note: The issue_comment event is currently only available in private repos. If you're doing this in a public repo, use push for now.

  1. Then, drag a line to your new Action.

Be sure to click GITHUB_TOKEN so that your Action can use the GitHub API.

  1. Commit your change.

Trigger the event

Now the fun part. Trigger your…

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