Getting started with GitHub Actions? Try Actions Toolkit

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If you're writing your own Actions using Node.js. Save yourself some time and take a look at Actions Toolkit. Jason is collecting common tasks and extracting them to a single module you can use to build your Actions.

JasonEtco / actions-toolkit

🛠 A toolkit for building GitHub Actions in Node.js

GitHub Actions Toolkit

A toolkit for building GitHub Actions in Node.js
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After building a GitHub Action in Node.js, it was clear to me that I was writing code that other actions will want to use. Reading files from the repository, making requests to the GitHub API, or running arbitrary executables on the project, etc.

So, I thought it'd be useful to build those out into library to help you build actions in Node.js 🎉



$ npm install actions-toolkit
const { Toolkit } = require('actions-toolkit')
const tools = new Toolkit()



Returns an Octokit SDK client authenticated for this repository. See https://octokit.github.io/rest.js for the API.

const octokit = tools.createOctokit()
const newIssue = await octokit.issues.create(tools.context.repo({
  title: 'New
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I've used this already, definitely recommend!


For those of us who are used to working in JS environments, using actions-toolkit by Jason has made working with actions much easier.

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