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Military to Software Engineer Journey Day 0

When it comes the time to transition most military is late to develop a plan. Heck, this even applies to a regular person in society. As for myself, I've had a plan from the very beginning. 8 years ago I decided when it came time I would learn every facet of Information Technology. Learning everything from the foundation up. I've learned systems, networks, information security, and cybersecurity as a whole. Now my new journey begins with learning to code. Mind you I do know some coding dealing with understanding cyber analytics but here I plan to exceed my boundaries and dive deep into coding.

I came across the 100 Days of Code simply through research and attending a coding Bootcamp but never felt that I was learning. So I decided to take this journey myself and teach myself. To start I will be working my way through several coding languages like python, C#, and Java. Every day I will be tracking my journey and recording what I learned what I felt was difficult and what was easy. If there's another way to make coding more understandable I will leave my thoughts because most of us learn in different styles. The end of my journey and the beginning of a new journey will be when I secure a role as a software engineer for a major firm. Sounds optimistic but I always say "the only thing stopping you. Follow me on my journey and join the fun.

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Waylon Walker

Excited to see your journey. Learning multiple languages can definitely help strengthen your skills overall. I would recommend getting a solid foundation in one before moving on to another. Maybe it takes you 50 days or 100 days to feel really good in python, then pick a lower level language to add to that.

Learning to code requires real practice. Following tutorials is great, but getting out there and thinking about problems for yourself is where the real learning begins. Try to think of a real project to do for yourself for at least a few of the days. 100DAYSOF CODE is a great way to go about it.

Lastly I would consider learning to use the terminal effectively as it is very useful while running the code you write, this can be done in parallel.

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Thanks for the advice. I know it’ll be crucial in succeeding. Goal is definitely to build a strong foundation in each one so I’ll learn like you said a lower one as I’m focusing on Python. I’ll definitely work my way through some actually projects. Thanks again for the advice!