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Marissa Stinson

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5 weeks down, 7 more to go

So five weeks ago I honestly didn’t even know what “coding” was. I honestly linked it to medical coding. I have learned so so much these last weeks that I am so proud of myself. It’s funny because whenever the subject of me being in school for this comes up in conversation I am able to speak and use vocabulary that the people I am talking to are not able to follow; and that was me just five weeks ago! Even though I have only learned probably 8% of the information out there in this field, I still know so much. So far I have learned the ins and out of Git and GitHub and so far that is probably what I am most proficient in. I can do a pull request all by myself with no help from my notes but only because I have practiced them quite a bit. That is something that gives my hope in my ability in this field because once I get it down there's no stopping me, just have to put in the work and practice so I can become proficient. I also know many git commands that are incorporated in creating this website. After I felt confident in Git and GitHub, I started learning HTML and then CSS. I have been enjoying both of them very much but I am still not anywhere near proficient. I would say I am still googling about 85% of the time. So I have been working on my personal website, or my portfolio, the last couple of weeks and a couple of days ago it was my turn to present how far along I am and just my website in general. So as I presented my website, the instructor of the class posted some photos of my presentation on Slack where my other instructors can view it. In one of the photos showed my homepage where it says my name and underneath it, in my “h2”, I put “Aspiring Developer”. One of the instructors commented on that and stated “you're not an aspiring developer. you've been developing, so you are a developer.” That was definetley nice to read and made me realize I have to give myself more slack. I am learning and I am getting closer and closer everyday to become a better web developer.

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Ben Halpern

Keep it up

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Nice work, keep it up! 🔥