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This is what I've experienced in Web/Software Development for more than 6 years.

I remember the first time I've got a job as a web developer. At that time I'm still studying at my University. I do part-time in one small media agency in Sarawak, Malaysia.

My reason to do part-time at that time is just to study how web developers do the work in real life. I don't want to know based on a textbook or from my lecturers.

After I graduate I have got a job in one organization. Which is in IT Department along with 2 fresh graduates. Just like me. Who doesn't have much experience in developing internal system.

I just get lucky because I have 1 year of working as a part-timer web developer. So I share what I know with other developers what I know.

Fast forward, I moved to a few organizations and web/software houses. And this is what I get.

For those who just want or enter the web/software development house, these are my Pro's and Con's. Hope this will help you to choose which one you want to choose to start. Organization or web/software house.

This may be not applicable to you. This is 100% based on my experience.

Oh by the way, when I mention organization, that's is Internal Team. And I also will short the web/software house into a software house.

Pro's work in Organization

1. No need to focus or master many programming languages. If you are a back-end developer, probably you just need to know, master and use one programming language. Once you start coding the internal system, that language gonna stay for the next 5 - 10 years, maybe.

  1. More Focus. That is because you just have one system to develop. Even though the functionality will expand, but only in that system.

  2. Better Communication. You will have direct communication with the users. For example, an internal system will be used by other departments within the organization. So if they want to request new features, they just can gather the team.


  1. Request from users can be changed out-of-blue. Sometimes, your higher management people will say A today, next week they will say B. And you need to follow that.

  2. Pressure from other departments. Some people, don't know that as a developer, we need to do some research before getting our hands dirty. They will ask you when the new features gonna complete. You need to learn how to work under pressure.

  3. Salary is not offered much. Each organization that I joined. The salary that they offered is lower than another offer that I get. However, this is your choice. I've my own reason why I still accept to work in an organization at that time.

Okay so let's look at Software House.


  1. You really can learn and experience much by developing many web/software.

  2. There's a lot of senior developers that can help you. Even for a small company that I've joined, they do have experience developers.

  3. Higher salary.


  1. For a small software house, you need to know 2 or 3 programming languages (at least know the basic). Because some clients want you to develop the system using a specific programming language or Framework.

Because they are willing to invest handsomely, your company might not reject that and appoint you or your team to do. So prepare yourself.

  1. Need to handle more than one project. Because of a software house, the sales team will always find customers. So there's a possibility that you will handle more than one project. So you need to prepare with Management Skills.

  2. Faced the Project Manager who doesn't know the tech world. Yes, on my side I've once faced PM who don't know the Tech world. But work in a software house. So it is difficult to say no. Here, you need to learn how to communicate effectively.

There's a lot I want to share, but I think these are enough to make you as entry-level or fresh graduates to choose. Is it an organization or software house to be chosen as your first experience in the real-live environment as web @ software developer.

Thank you for reading :)

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