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Http Status Codes

Sending status codes has become a matter of course in this backend journey. But when do i send a 401 and when do i send a 404?
Today I'll be looking at http status codes. A http status code is a response by the server on the state of a request. Http status codes are divided into 5 major categories

  1. Informational responses: 100–199
  2. Successful responses: 200–299
  3. Redirects: 300–399
  4. Client errors: 400–499
  5. Server errors: 500–599

There's a whole list on each of the categories in MDN and
Here is a list of the status codes I've come across so far.
200 - Ok
201 - Resource Created
204 - No Content
400 - Bad request
401 - Unauthorized
403 - Forbidden. The client is known but has no access rights
404 - Not found
500 - Internal Server error

Having learnt that i adjusted the code to send a 401 when a client is unauthorized. I'll try and use the relevant status codes from now on wards.

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Daniel Yahel

Wow, really liked this index. Wasn't familiar with it before.

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Margaret W.N

Glad you now have an idea.

fraybabak profile image

tnx for this article, I think it would be better if we use 422 for database issues such connection issues or any error that comes from db it self

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Margaret W.N

Okay Fraybabak. I've taken note of that. I'll adjust accordingly thank you.