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What Do You Call Something That Is Better Than HTML/JSX/Hyperscript?

If there was something that was better than HTML, JSX, Hyperscript and templating languages for constructing and combining DOM nodes for creating web applications, what would you call it?

I am attempting to build this and I need to call it something and I am looking for help finding a good name. I need to call it something in order to talk about it so for the moment I am calling it Tagscript.

Here is some information about what Tagscript is trying to be:

  1. Pure Javascript, requiring no compiler or transpiler.
  2. It is not a templating language. It does not use tagged template literals to embed HTML.
  3. No Virtual DOM
  4. It is something like Hyperscript but without the syntax repetition and clutter.
  5. Uses modern Javascript features (ES6) for modern browsers.
  6. It supports fine grained declarative DOM updates that are controlled by the developer.
  7. Matches the element structure of HTML (giving the familiarity of HTML), but is not HTML. It is valid Javascript.
  8. Uses a combination of regular Javascript features to give a declarative, concise, clear syntax to show, create and combine DOM elements and their properties.

So far here are the names I like best:

  1. Enhanced DOM Functions (EDF)
  2. Ultrascript
  3. Tagscript
  4. HTJS (Hypertext Javascript)

I like the name "Enhanced DOM Functions" because the functions provided by Tagscript are enhanced DOM functions.

I like Ultrascript because it plays off of Hyperscript which plays off of Hypertext Markup Language (HTML).

I like Tagscript because Tagscript is like what HTML would be if HTML was Javascript.

But maybe there are better names. What do you think?

Tagscript is not ready for initial release yet. But if you would like to be notified when it is released so you can check it out then let me know and I will add you to the release list.

Leave a comment or message me or mention me on twitter ( or send me an email: Also I am very interested in feedback and contributions people might want to make.

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