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Acknowledgement From KNB

muhaddimu profile image Muhaddis ・1 min read

In the wake of burning through many hours in Cyber Security Researching about I am presently ready to create some logical defects in Web Applications, before some days I was testing the site of KNB I have established some basic and minor issues related with the security of their site.

I have established Clickjacking,** XSS (Cross-site scripting)** and some different issues related with their site.

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In the wake of discovering Reflected base XSS in their site, I am able to change this Reflected XSS into Stored XSS and it would be significantly more Malicious. I also founded the issue of Missing DMARC records and other Clickjacking issues. After my reports to KNB I receive a positive reply from the company.

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As indicated by their Responsible Disclosure they accepted my report and Acknowledged me. They additionally included my name in their website's Responsible Disclosure's Hall of Fame page.

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I am appreciative to group KNB to accept these issues and attempt to fix them. Thank You!

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