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A great component library to boost your performance and speed: Chakra UI

When I started learning ReactJS it was quite complicated. The official documentation was explaining stuff with class components while I was learning React with functional components. While struggling with creating basically anything I looked up for premade components that I could use. That way I could read and inspect an existing code and also learn from that.

Chakra UI was a lifesaver

While searching online, and visiting an impressive amount of websites, I found Chakra UI. It was a mindblowing experience. It was simple, easy to use and most importantly easy to understand what was going on. It's modularity helped me understand React even more! I immediately copied a few components and tweaked it on my own website. The more I used it, the more I liked using it. This library helped me a lot and I want to share it with everyone out there hoping it will be helpful and useful for you too ;-)

How to use it?

Let's dive in right now and start using modular components to build your own great website! First, go to this website and follow the correct guide based on your own framework. After correctly installing it, it's time to use the beautiful components. Go to this page and grab whatever you need and start creating and building awesome webpages with React using Chakra UI components!

Good luck and have fun :P

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