Create out of curiosity

muhdmirzamz profile image MZ ・1 min read

I remembered back then when I was first given an assignment to do up a calculator in Android. I think it was my first Android project.

I remember using XML to design the interface and I thought, wow, this was very restricting. We were given the whole semester(?) to do it but I was done by the second week. I focused on the logic more than the design. I was stuck on something for quite a bit. I think I was being super ambitious. But I just had fun helping my friends throughout the course.

Such simple times when there was literally no pressure to create. I was creating out of curiosity. Be like, what would it be like to create a Twitter clone or a Tinder clone?

We learned JSP and I was literally like sky-high with confidence because I remember I wanted to create web applications. I just didn’t know where to start at that time. There were a lot of tech around. I really thought I had to learn jQuery and PHP to start. But JSP came and I had Java knowledge already, so why not?

I wanted to go back to my roots and just create out of curiosity. I think that's a beautiful first step.


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