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List of badges

Congratulations! You have scored 100 out of 100 in your math exam. Here take chocolate as your gift!

This kind of small presents really motivates people to keep the good work going. Dev follows the same principle. Dev awards its members with badges to keep the members motivated. Which I really appreciate. Recently, I got 2 badges. The top 7 author badge and the Go lang badge.

Soon after that, I wondered exactly how many badges are there? So, I went out on an expedition. I searched through a ton of dev user accounts to make a list of all available badges. Down below is what I found.

Author note: I know there is a dedicated web page for listing all the badges. But the thing is, I found it out only after finishing my expedition. So, I am still gonna write this post. After all, this is my hard-earned bread(badges).

1|| For the members who stayed for a long time

There are currently three of these badges.

  • For staying 1 year
  • For staying 2 year
  • For staying 3 year

2|| For the post writers who write regularly

If you can maintain a streak of writing for 4 weeks, 8 weeks, 16 weeks you can earn the following badges. Don't get fooled like me. At first, I thought I need to write every single day for straight 4 weeks to earn the badge

  • For having a 4 week streak
  • For having a 8 week streak
  • For having a 16 week streak

3|| For the top 7 writers each week

If your post is featured in the weekly must-read list then you will receive this badge. Only the top 7 post authors can get this badge. You cannot get this twice.

4|| For top comment writers each week

Currently, the following badges are available in this category.

  • Beloved comment: If your comment received the most "heart" (Total 7 badges each week)
  • Big thread: If your comment gets the highest number of replies
  • Favorite 5: Not sure about this one

5|| Event-related

There is plenty of events organized here in dev. So, It's natural to expect a lot of badges in this category.

  • Twillo Hackathon(The most recent)(For the winners, runners up and participants
  • Pusher contest (for the winner, runners up)
  • Hacktober fest 2019

6|| Shecoded

If you had written a post using the tag #shecoded(for respected years)

  • 2019 Edition
  • 2020 Edition

7|| For those who contributed in dev

Dev is an opensource platform. If you have contributed for through github you will receive the following badge.

8|| Language-specific

If you wrote a post using a tag for a specific programming language and your post stayed in the top(only for the 1st) for the week you will receive a badge related to the programming language you mentioned(if the badge is available).

9|| Other

Here is what my collection looks like.
Alt Text
What about you?

Top comments (5)

shubhamtiwari909 profile image
Shubham Tiwari

How to see the badges in profile , I can't see it and how to add it in our profile

reiallenramos profile image
Rei Allen Ramos

Congratulations! I just got my first badge today (4-week streak badge) and a bit confused about the timing. My first post was on April 19th and the latest one before I got the badge was on May 8th (19 days after). Then today, May 11th, 22 days after the first post I got the badge. Can someone explain? (And no, I'm not trying to get rid of the badge. Just curious)

grahamthedev profile image
GrahamTheDev • Edited

1 year late - the weeks are calculated Monday to Sunday - so your first post was at the very end of a week.

Badges are awarded on a Tuesday the following week so you had posts:
W/C 13th April
W/C 20th April
W/C 27th April
W/c 3rd May

Then got your award W/C 10th May

chiki1601 profile image
Miss Pooja Anilkumar Patel

I didn't get any programming languages badges

However I have uploaded upto 750+ posts including

amanhimself profile image
Aman Mittal

Great post! Thanks for the in-detail list.