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2nd Interview Experience(Python-Dev)


I found the post on a local facebook page that shares IT jobs in my area. They were looking for a python developer with experience in Linux and RESTFUL API. It was an entry-level position. I'd say the whole process took 3 days. I got call on Monday, got invited for an interview on Wednesday.

Interview Questions/Answers

As always, the interview started with a brief introduction. You need something, tea/coffee/water? I said, No. Well, let's get started.

1 - Where are you working as of now?
Answer - a local startup

2 - Why are you leaving them?
Answer - Not leaving them, they are closing. The startup is dead.

3 - What was your role there?
Answer - Python dev.
(stared at the resume for quite some time)

4 - Which distro?
Answer - Ubuntu.

5 - Experience in Python? Practical experience.
Answer - 1.5 Years

6 - On the scale of 1-10 where would you rate your OOP skills?
Answer. Around 9. I have not written much comprehensive code. Mostly, everything that needs to be done can be found online or there is always a library for it. Python makes things easy for you.

7 - What's the difference between abstract class and interface?
Answer - I had forgotten this. I recollected things about interface and I answered about it but was not able to remember anything about abstract class.

8 - Sorry, what's an interface?
Answer - PyQt5, I use it to create the interfaces. Oh, you mean, The interface? Ah, yeah, it's ........

8a - Difference between encapsulation and abstraction?
Answer - Abstraction hides unwanted details. Encapsulation hides the data and code in one Unit.

8b - What's polymorphism?
Answer. Many forms of a function. It's like, when you need to have a separate definition for the same function as in parent class, you use polymorphism, it's called polymorphism, yeah. The word polymorphism means many forms.

9 - What about Flask? Flask vs Django?
Answer. Flask is good. I prefer it because it's minimalistic.

10 - Do you know Flask?
Answer - Not much, I've worked with it. But I primarily do Django.

11 - You can develop API in Django?
Answer - yes. And I have made one, it's for quotes.

  • What do you like about Django? Answer - Admin Panel, Model Forms, Builtin-Database.

12 - hmmm, In your resume, it says that you've worked on an IoT product? What were your contributions?
Answer - Not much, had to improve the code they already had, schedule a task, check for internet connectivity and run a task on startup.

12a - Which distro for the IoT product?
Answer - Stretch. Raspbian. and I tried arch, it wasn't working for some reason and due to time constraints I quit doing experiments and went with raspbian.

12b - How many products you sold?
Answer - None. No one bought it.

13 - Which database do you like?
Answer - SQLite and MySQL

14 - Most proficient in?
Answer - Mysql

15 - Here's a table(he drew it on a paper). remove redundancy or just check for redundancy for names. We need unique.

Answer: I'd use stored procedures or maybe not, let's see. SELECT NOT DISTINCT names from Table;

No--- maybe not, let's try another way.

SELECT COUNT(names) FROM Table having COUNT(names) > 1;

16 - What's the difference between stored procedure and a function?
Answer = IDK. (There's a difference though)

17 - RestAPI work with which data format?
Answer - Json.

18 - Do you have any questions?
Answer - Can you please let me know if I am not selected through email as early as possible. HR Dept. don't send an email of rejection mostly, they just don't respond.

yeah, I will talk to HR about this. Have a good one.

Me: Thanks, thank you for your time.

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This is a bit bizarre because no aspect of this would I consider a tutorial.