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Full stack Developer - Js & Python | volunteer | time-traveler.
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May I start with a slight disclaimer that indeed the above title might not be fully painted based on the below content, I mean it's just a tiny individual exploring his mind - achievements so far.

Not sure where to start but here we go. Fast forward four months ago I did wake up after what I'd confidently term as careful consideration to make a switch. Even thou I knew this would come out of my desire to be a coder, never did I imagine that the idea would tear me apart this much. See, the then career was purely supposed to be the bridge into coding but again fate has it's own way of overturning our dear desires.

With a good chunk of savings, I initiated the thoughts powered by the need to invest in the hardware before the final move, bootcamp. As if luck had gave up on me, that same period it struck home. No more of what was thought to being 'enough' for the Prep.

Man down!

It's time to yell and ask for help. This was not anywhere close to the plan but again it turned itself in. So the minds are supposed to work around what is to be a successful crowdfund and mark you that's after two months with no single donation made. There's a lot to this and I feel like more time still need be considered before the final draft, a sit stands now, The Art of Crowdfunding will be served shortly by yours truly -Aspiring Full-stack Developer with a side eye on Blockchain.

Until then, here I am still trying to come into terms from which direction the funds will come or get donated from.

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