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Introducing Musicians-U

This post contains affiliate links, I may receive a commission from the product within.

Hello! Today we have launched our KickStarter Campaign. Musicians-U is a website for music education and social networking.

The website and mobile apps are made up of ("Trainers") which are interactive teaching applications, which include progress tracking with in app beautiful charting.

We are utilizing the web-audio and web-midi sdk's in many of our applications to provide an even more immersive experience ( midi input).

We will be posting frequent updates here on dev, going over our tech stack and showcasing some of the applications.

We have set a very low backer price $10.00 which gets the backer beta access and a year long membership to the website. Only thing is with a backing price that low, we need ALOT of backers. Could you please help spread the word? And thank you in advance.

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