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Our Tech Stack

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This is a post about our tech stack. We are currently building the internets #1 music education and social learning platform. We are hoping to get funded through our Kickstarter Campaign .

When I say we or our.... I mean really mean me. Musicians-U is a one person shop currently. I hope to be able to hire some help should the campaign get funded. I have so many ideas, but am only capable of so much on my own.

We are using Laravel for our API, and currently Vue.js for the client side. We will be switching to Nuxt.js soon.

For the music "trainers" (interactive apps) we are using GWT with a custom Create.js Javascript wrapper. You can find that here. It is hard to believe I wrote that wrapper 8 years ago. I don't even have access to that Github account anymore. hmmm....

I started using GWT as an experiment and have stuck with it ever since. There are a a lot of things to like about GWT, but my favorite part is being able to code in Java and have it transpiled to client side javascript. I also love that you can "wrap" third party javascript libraries and use them utilizing Java.

Some may think GWT is old school, but for the interactive mini apps I am creating it works great, and to be honest these types of mini apps are easier to implement in GWT rather than Vue or React or something (IMHO)

Other than this we are using the web-midi and web-audio api's to add more interaction to the apps. Keep an eye out for my post on the Guitar Note training app that utilizes the microphone.

That is all
Thanks for reading.

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