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Week-1 into Machine Learning and my dopamine addiction.

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My Machine Learning Journey (2 Part Series)

1) Journey Begins... 2) Week-1 into Machine Learning and my dopamine addiction.

Hey influential developers! As I promised you, that every Friday, I'm going to upload a new blog, this just "Another" guy who wants to learn machine learning is back again, excited to tell more about my machine learning journey as well as an app I built with the help of Flutter.

But there is also something else I wanna tell you. I'd like to express what I've felt this last week. I write these blogs here on Dev.to because I feel that we, The aspirants, the learner and the leaders of change are a family, and so writing something here will add value to our community.

My city is been under complete lockdown since like three months now. I even had to celebrate my 18th birthday at home video calling my friends! These last couple of months have been terrible on my mental health. I felt like I was squandering my time and procrastinating! I had like a crush and I don't how I gathered the courage to message her! But I did! We continued texting for like two weeks and I found myself doing nothing but waiting for her reply all day. It was like I needed that dopamine shot every minute. Until I realised that going through this emotional turmoil is not worth it. I was feeling useless.

But I have been trying to turn things around and I have found ways to be productive even during these tough times.

I'll share with you how I was able to do it in the next blog because now, it's time for..... Machine Learning!!

I've been able to do quite a lot of progress in my course. I've learned below mentioned things this week:

  1. Cost and Hypothesis function.
  2. Linear regression algorithm.
  3. Gradient descent.
  4. Matrices and vectors.

I know this doesn't seem too much but I would rather like to dive deep into the concepts, to take little more time with things and create a strong base than just trying to finish a course.

Furthermore, this week I also made a quiz app and a personality tester app using Flutter. Flutter is a pretty neat framework. Everything in Flutter is a widget! I mean what else could a developer want! It also has awesome documentation on its site. I think I'll like to see what more Flutter has and so I'll also be learning Flutter side by side.

For the next week, you'll have the following reasons to read my blog:

In the coming week, I plan to make personal expenses manager app and also learn multivariable linear regression. Also, don't you all forget about the resources, tips and tricks I'll give you, which I used to overcome my dopamine addiction and procrastination. I'll also tell you if I was able to complete one of the goals on the goal chart, which is, read any four books by this Sunday.

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My Machine Learning Journey (2 Part Series)

1) Journey Begins... 2) Week-1 into Machine Learning and my dopamine addiction.

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