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Mustafa Anas
Mustafa Anas

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Preparing Arabic Git Course - Help Needed

Hello All. I hope you are doing well.
So I am building this academy that teaches some web-developing-related topics in Arabic as there is a lack in content. Currently, I am preparing a Git / GitHub / GitLab course and I need to understand it perfectly so I explain as good as I can.

I use GitLab in my daily life for all my projects but I am a Linux user. So I need recommended places where I can find good explanation for installing git on Windows and using it. Can you recommend me some?

Also, I want to know what are the actions that are handled by Git as a system and the ones handled by GitLab and GitHub as interfaces. (Commiting, merging, pulling, forking).

Thanks in advance

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Ahmed Musallam

Oh man, I am a native Arabic speaker and I think translating web development tools and concepts to Arabic is really hard. I live in the US now, went to school here and it is so much easier for me to communicate development ideas in English, I tried to explain something to another Arabic speaker once and I struggled really hard.

That said, I’d love to read whatever material you publish, I think it would be awesome to bring web development to more native Arabic speakers!!

As far as resources on git, the web is filled with those and honestly you have to do it yourself and go through it to be able to discribe it aptly.

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Mustafa Anas

Hey man!
thanks for your interest. In fact it is really hard to translate quality knowledge from English to Arabic but it is really needed as the newest programming course for any language is at least 1 year old. So this is my challenge and I ill do my best to do it. You can help me either choose quality English material or review and suggest changes to my current Arabic material. The academy is gonna be teaching web development for now. So anything you'd suggest me to look at (and try to translate) I will be happy to.

You can visit my repository on GitLab, save it as a bookmark or so and help whenever you can/want :D

Here is the link: