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Mustafa El-Helbawy
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Frontend Career Build - Ep. #1

Building career in software engineering industry as much as it looks like very easy but you will find it shortly overwhelming,

A lot of courses, tutorials, instructors, articles, tools and etc...

What should I do?, Where should I go?, How should start?, When I can apply for a job?, Am I qualified or Not?

  • - It is all about your plan,
  • = but I do not have a plan and do not know how to make it.
  • - Do not worry, let's start building the path step by step until go through the real world of interviews and get a job.

We are going to build a career regardless what is your study background.

First of all while you are working in software industry you should know about some general concepts before start your specialization.

How the internet works

If you like reading:
How Internet Works?

If you like videos:

How the web works

If you like reading:
How web works?

If you like videos:
How The Web Works - The Big Picture

Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes and keep learning

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