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PHP to Node Js

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Is it possible to covert a php website with MySQL database to node js?
The site will have a lot of request for signing up and login and and posting of form data to MySQL DB. Someone suggested that its better i use Node js As my backend to avoid delays in data process? Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated.

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I'm sure you can rewrite an app from any framework to another but why?

PHP 7 seems quite fast to me, but if you're worried about performance, why not measure and optimize your app?

There might be a legitimate reason to rewrite an app in another language/framework but "someone suggested" is a little vague :-D

Why are they saying PHP will delay "data process"?


Thank you so much for the response.
I have decided to stick to php, and when i recruit more people in my organization, we will write the app in node, and test to compare how it will be working.
If i may ask. Am new to programming. How can i measure and optimize the web application?


I would focus, especially since you're at the beginning, on finishing the app and providing value to your customers. Don't try to optimize before you even know what needs to be optimized.

Is there anything particular that's slow right now? Is the backend slow? The frontend?

This is a nice intro on the topic of performance, even if it's more related to the frontend than on the backend:

A way to measure the performance of the backend/web app is to have a monitoring, measuring tool built in. What people call "observability", so you can observe what happens inside your app.

It could be with tools like or for example.

@rhymes . Thanks you so much. I will look it up later. I appreciate a lot.

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