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Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
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10 Wonderful Resources For Color Palette Inspiration

Color plays a crucial role in graphic design. In fact, choosing the perfect color palette is one of the most important tips in graphic design.

You might not have much design inspiration if you're not a designer.

You need not worry...

I've compiled a killer list of resources for color palette inspiration in this post. Whether you're looking for color palette generators or ideas, you'll never run out of colors again.

Let's get started!

1. Colour Lovers

Users can browse more than 1 million color palettes on Colour Lovers to get design inspiration. This site provides easy access to stunning color palettes based on popularity, which is great.


2. Dribble for Color Inspiration

Dribble is surprisingly a good source for color palette inspiration, in addition to being a great source for design inspiration.


By using Dribble, you have the ability to sort through designs according to their color. In addition to getting some general design inspiration, this will also help you decide what colors to use!

3. Material Palette

By selecting the colors you like, Material Palette provides you with a Material Design palette.


After selecting a few colors of your choice, the website will generate a color palette for you, which can be viewed on the right side.

4. Pigment by Shapefactory

Among the best color palette generators on the internet, Pigment by Shapefactory is recommended by designers worldwide. Aside from a great user interface, Pigment by Shapefactory provides a fantastic user experience as well. By adjusting pigment and lighting directly in the browser, you can easily choose the color palette of your choice.


The shade of the colors can be adjusted once you find the color palette you want in Pigment. It allows you to copy RGB, Pantone, and HEX color codes from the website.

5 . Muzli Color Palette Generator

It's a new color palette generator with a great user interface that I found called Muzli. You can generate color schemes based on the color you intend to use. While scrolling down the website, you'll also notice several color recommendations.


6. Coolors

Coolors is a super-simple tool for creating, saving, and sharing perfect color schemes. It is now possible to generate color schemes from images and switch between different shades as needed.


You can explore color combinations on Colors and sort through the best colors voted for by the community, making it the perfect way to find color palette inspiration. Additionally, they provide daily color palettes on their Instagram page!

7. Color Hunt

One of the best things about Color Hunt is that it's a simplified color generator."The color scheme collection on Color Hunt is updated every day. Colors can also be sorted by new, trending, random, or popularity (voted on by the community members).


The four colors you have on the list look terrific together, and it's organized so you can easily decide which one to use.

8. Colordot

Colordot lets you create color palettes in just a few clicks. They have an iPhone app so you can create palettes from your mobile device so you can create as many color combinations as you want!


9. Design Seeds

Colors found in nature and the aesthetic of purposeful living are the inspiration behind Design Seeds. Design Seeds was created by Jessica Hart, who curates photos on Instagram and curates color palettes around them.


You can find plenty of daily color inspiration on the website for a particular theme. She does an excellent job of sharing color combinations based on what is currently trending.

10. Adobe Color

Color schemes can be designed in Adobe Color using color theory. Thousands of color palettes are now available for inspiration since Adobe Color has been updated.


The Adobe community has also created thousands of color combinations that can also be explored. Additionally, you can now browse trending color palettes based on your design needs in addition to user-generated hues and saturation

That's it! Here are 10 resources to inspire your color palette. There will never be a dull moment when you think about color. You can create some amazing designs using the 10 color resources listed above.

What other websites or resources would you suggest for color palette inspiration? Do you use a color generator for your designs? Feel free to comment below!

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